Handy Mix

Handy Mix
Handy Mix
Handy Mix

Handy Mix contains 3 kg of different shapes from all our three lines of pasta in 500 g bags:

1 bag of Spaghetti per each line
1 bag of Fusilli (Whole Wheat line)
1 bag of Mezze Maniche (Classic line)
1 bag of Penne Lisce (Turanicum Wheat line)

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3 kg

Spaghetti and Mezze Maniche Classic Line
Ingredients: durum wheat semolina, water
Durum wheat semolina pasta

Spaghetti and Fusilli Whole Wheat Line
Ingredients: wholemeal durum wheat semolina, water
Wholemeal durum wheat semolina pasta

Spaghetti and Penne lisce Turanicum Wheat Line
Ingredients: organic stone ground semolina of turanicum durum wheat, water
Organic durum wheat semolina pasta

Produced and packed by Azienda Agricola Mancini (soc. agr. srl), Via Ernesto Paoletti, 1; 63815 Monte San Pietrangeli (FM), Italy
Product of Italy