Zero chemical residue

After examining the 2022 Harvest from a quantitative and qualitative point of view in our annual Bulletin by our agronomist Paolo Mucci, we are pleased to share the results of the latest multiresidual analyses.The purpose of this screening is to verify the presence of active substances present in pesticides and / or fertilizers on the grains of wheat threshed last July. The "zero chemical residue durum wheat" target is confirmed again this year thanks to the protocols of our Good Agricultural Practices.We are particularly pleased with this result because it opens the way for the start of the new harvest’s pasta making in the form of semolina of the highest possible healthiness. Very soon, the packages of Pasta Mancini will signal the change of vintage, from 2021 (now running out) to 2022.In our website it is possible to consult or download the document as received from the laboratory, as further evidence of the total transparency of our production process.

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