Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti - 2 kg Box

Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti - 2 kg Box
Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti - 2 kg Box
Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti - 2 kg Box

Our Turanicum Wheat line pasta is made from Turanicum wheat (Triticum Turgidum subspecie turanicum, more commonly known as T. turanicum). The variety originated in the Khorasan region (north-east of Iran) and its cultivations are present in the Mediterranean basin and also in Italy, but in modern times they have been forgotten because of low yield.

In 2014 we have begun to develop methodologies and pasta making tools to best interpret the treasure of this wheat, revaluated and cultivated by the Prometeo company together with Oriana Porfiri, an expert cereal agronomist and breeder. We use circular bronze die plates and we dry Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti at temperatures between min. 36°C e max 46°C, taking 40 hours. The result obtained by the union of this semolina and water is an earth-colored pasta with a marked scent of wheat.
From qualitative studies a very interesting aspect has emerged regarding the peculiarity of the gluten, which is very soft and easily digestible.

Turanicum Wheat Spaghetti are 260 mm long and 2,2 mm wide.
Their cooking time is between 7 and 9 minutes.

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2 kg
Nutritional values average for 100 g
Energy 1540 kJ 363 Kcal
Fatsaturated fatty acids 1,7 g0,3 g
Carbohydratessugars 73,0g2,6 g
Fibre 6,2 g
Proteins 11 g
Salt <0,1 g

Ingredients: organic stone ground semolina of turanicum durum wheat, water

Wheat cultivation country: Italy

Organic durum wheat semolina pasta

Produced and packed by Azienda Agricola Mancini (soc. agr. srl), Via Ernesto Paoletti, 1; 63815 Monte San Pietrangeli (FM), Italy

Product of Italy