Nonno Mariano

  • Traditional
  • 8 - 10 min
  • 260 mm
  • 2,2 mm
Limited edition by the first harvest of the new durum wheat variety “Nonno Mariano”

Mariano Mancini (Monte San Pietrangeli, 1908 - 2013) was a curious farmer and an innovative entrepreneur.
He was also a kind-hearted grandfather, who shared and passed down his passions to a grandson who was willing and able to embrace them.
Mariano surely planted a seed in the mind of his grandson Massimo, founder of Mancini Pastificio Agricolo.
Today, what is left of Mariano Mancini is not just his memory: “Nonno Mariano” [lit. “Grandfather Mariano”] is also a new variety of durum wheat.
Developed through a research that lasted for about 7 years, this wheat variety is the tribute to the man who inspired the “Mancini Pastificio Agricolo” project.
For those who will be curious to learn about his and our story, they can find it written in this box, together with a little “taste” of it.

€18.00 1.500 g contained in 2 boxes of 750 g

Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - (100 g)
Energia - Energy - Energie - Energie - Valor Enèrgetico 1520 kJ
362 Kcal
Grassi - Fat - Fett - Matières grasses - Grasas 1,2 g
Di cui: acidi grassi saturi / Of witch: saturates / Davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / Dont: les acides gras saturés / De la cuales: àcidos grasos saturades 0,2 g
Carboidrati - Carbohydrate - Kohlenydrate - Glucides Carbohidrates 73,0 g
Di cui: zuccheri / Of witch: sugares / Davon: Zucker / Dont: sucres / De los cuales: azúcares 1,2 g
Fibra - Fibree - Ballaststoffe - Fibres alimentaires - Fibra alimentaria 3,5 g
Proteine - Proteins - Eiweis - Protéines - Proteinas 13 g
Sale - Salt - Salz - Sel - Sal 0,010 g

To make pasta, you need durum wheat. To make this durum wheat, I needed my grandfather.

“We are always all very focused on the outcome, on the harvest phase. What the countryside teaches us is the beauty and the importance of the sowing phase instead, from which everything starts.
My grandfather Mariano was the person who inspired many things in my life: my passion for the land, my agronomic studies, and the “agricultural pasta factory” project.
When he passed away, at the age of 105, I decided to honour him by developing a new durum wheat variety, which after 7 years finally bears his name: “Nonno Mariano”, available to all farmers who want to cultivate it.
Today, 11th November 2020, on the beginning of the “agricultural year” and of the sowing time, we present this box: it contains a book that tells how grandfather Mariano’s story inspired that of our farm together with the Mancini spaghetti we dedicated to him, which are unique to us because produced exclusively with a single variety of durum wheat: “Nonno Mariano”.
I hope that this project will give my grandfather new legs to cross the borders where he lived.”

“There are many kinds of stories and grandfather Mariano’s was surely written on the land. Our pasta factory has its roots in the middle of his wheat fields. His example was for me the seed from which everything started”