Olio Extravergine Blend Biologico


Blend olive oil is an extra-virgin olive oil produced with a blend of olive cultivars which are grown following certified organic guidelines. The selected cultivars are way more resistant to the olive fruit fly than the "Ascolana Tenera" olive variety.
The main olive cultivars that are used, whose percentages in the blend change in relation to their annual production, are: pendolino, frantoio, picholine, sargano, piantone di mogliano.
These varieties are harvested around the beginning of October, in a premature time when they enhance intense flavours of wild grass, artichoke, chicory and green almond.
Blend olive oil is produced through a two-phases extraction system and it is then filtered and bottled. It is rich of antioxidants and it has an intense but balanced bitter and chilly taste. taste.


€17.00 500 g

Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - (100 ml)
Energia - Energy - Energie - Energie - Valor Enèrgetico 3441 kJ
822 Kcal
Grassi - Fat - Fett - Matières grasses - Grasas 92 g
Di cui: acidi grassi saturi / Of witch: saturates / Davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / Dont: les acides gras saturés / De la cuales: àcidos grasos saturades 11 g
Carboidrati - Carbohydrate - Kohlenydrate - Glucides Carbohidrates 0 g
Di cui: zuccheri / Of witch: sugares / Davon: Zucker / Dont: sucres / De los cuales: azúcares 0 g
Fibra - Fibree - Ballaststoffe - Fibres alimentaires - Fibra alimentaria 0 g
Proteine - Proteins - Eiweis - Protéines - Proteinas 0 g
Sale - Salt - Salz - Sel - Sal 0 g
Colesterolo - Cholesterol - Cholesterin - Cholestérol - Colesterol 0 g

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