Passata di Pomodoro Contadina gr 700


These tomato sauces are produced only with carefully selected and fresh tomatoes, transformed within 24 hours from their picking. This production process allows the sauces to taste like fresh tomato, as the traditional home-made sauces. Tomato is passed through large meshes one time only, in order to obtain a tomato sauce of a higher and thicker texture.
Production area: Agro di Lucera (FG)
Method of cultivation: Organic farming
Tomato variety: Pomodoro Tipo Tondo (round-shaped tomato)
The product does not contain allergens and there is no cross-contamination from other raw materials
Ingredients: Tomato, salt.


Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - (100 ml)
Energia - Energy - Energie - Energie - Valor Enèrgetico 109,7 kJ
25,9 Kcal
Grassi - Fat - Fett - Matières grasses - Grasas 0,30 g
Di cui: grassi saturi / Of witch: saturates / Davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / Dont: les acides gras saturés / De la cuales: àcidos grasos saturades 0 g
Carboidrati - Carbohydrate - Kohlenydrate - Glucides Carbohidrates 3,0 g
Di cui: zuccheri / Of witch: sugares / Davon: Zucker / Dont: sucres / De los cuales: azúcares 3,0 g
Fibra - Fibree - Ballaststoffe - Fibres alimentaires - Fibra alimentaria 0 g
Proteine - Proteins - Eiweis - Protéines - Proteinas 1,30 g
Sale - Salt - Salz - Sel - Sal 0,007 g

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