Sugo di pomodoro giallo al basilico gr 314


Sughi Pronti (ready-to-eat sauces) are a fast and tasty way to bring the whole Paglione's quality to the table. The selected tomatoes are cleaned and passed through medium meshes in order to obtain a not too fine pulp, to which only Paglione's extra-virgin olive oil and seasonings (organically grown and harvested in our gardens whitin a short supply chain) are added.
Production area: Agro di Lucera (FG)
Method of cultivation: Organic farming
Tomato variety: Pomodoro Giallo (yellow-coloured tomato)
The product does not contain allergens and there is no cross-contamination from other raw materials
Ingredients: Yellow-coloured tomato, extra-virgin olive oil, basil, salt.

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Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - Valori nutrizionali medi per - Average nutrition values for - (100 ml)
Energia - Energy - Energie - Energie - Valor Enèrgetico 278 kJ
66,3 Kcal
Grassi - Fat - Fett - Matières grasses - Grasas 2,70 g
Di cui: grassi saturi / Of witch: saturates / Davon: gesättigte Fettsäuren / Dont: les acides gras saturés / De la cuales: àcidos grasos saturades 0 g
Carboidrati - Carbohydrate - Kohlenydrate - Glucides Carbohidrates 7,20 g
Di cui: zuccheri / Of witch: sugares / Davon: Zucker / Dont: sucres / De los cuales: azúcares 5,50 g
Fibra - Fibree - Ballaststoffe - Fibres alimentaires - Fibra alimentaria 0 g
Proteine - Proteins - Eiweis - Protéines - Proteinas 1,50 g
Sale - Salt - Salz - Sel - Sal 0,4 g

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