Penne Lisce Mancini are finally available

Mancini Penne Lisce are finally available: a new shape to our wheat.

This is the sole pasta shape to have not only a known date of birth - 11/03/1865 - but also a clearly-documented place of birth: San Martino d'Albano (Genoa, Italy). We even know name and surname of its creator: Giovanni Battista Capurro, pasta maker by occupation.

It was he who patented the machine that diagonally cut the pasta as it came out of the bronze drawing equipment, doing away with any need for scissors or bare hands to cut it into slanted pieces. What transpired were smooth little hollow logs, not too long and not too short, with slanted sharply-cut edges, somewhat like the old-fashioned dip pens used at the time.

However, in the middle of the last century, colossal advertising campaigns promoted by giants in the pasta-making industry started highlighting the ridged texture of penne pasta. Soon, unfurrowed pasta slipped into obscurity, overshadowed by the commercial products on the market.

Nowadays, a keener awareness of pasta in general has thrown light on different variations and brought to our attention the beauty of the original smooth texture. Even top chefs are starting to notice it.

This new product is a true heritage pasta and we have honoured it with our best wheat.