Mancini has been selected as the pasta of the Italian Cycling Federation (FCI) athletes

At the beginning of the UCI World Championships in Glasgow, the company, based in Le Marche region, announces that it has been selected by the technical staff and by chefs Giorgio and Massimo Carolo of the Italian Cycling Federation as exclusive supplier of semolina dry pasta.Pasta Mancini will be the source of energy for the FCI athletes who will represent Italy in the disciplines:
  • Track
  • Road
  • MTB / Trials
  • BMX
  • Cyclocross
  • Para-cycling
  • Youth sector
Through this initiative, Mancini Pastificio Agricolo intends to enhance its aim of reaching the highest quality and salubrity possibile of Pasta Mancini. Already appreciated in gourmet circles, Pasta Mancini is now going to support the performances of top-level sports professionals in the world of cycling.
In light of this special opportunity with Federciclismo champions, a special attention will also be paid at searching for new data about the nutritional benefits that pasta can provide for athletes nutritional needs. These studies are going to be supported by the collaboration with Dr. Roberto Corsetti, FCI medical director and author of numerous studies and publications on the strategic link between nutrition and sport performance in cycling.
The results will contribute to the creation of scientific and communication materials, of mutual interest for Mancini and FCI in their respective fields.
The Mancini Pasta shapes will accompany FCI riders in both retreats and races, particularly in the most prestigious 2023 competitions:
  • UCI World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland (Aug. 03-13);
  • UEC European Road Championships in Drenthe, Netherlands (Sept. 20-24).